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The History Of Arema Malang

Arema Indonesia (formerly named Arema Malang) is a football club based in Malang yang padanya terdapat Sewa Mobil Malang by NAYFA Group , East Java, Indonesia. Arema was established on August 11, 1987, Arema has the nickname "Singo Edan". They played at the Stadium and Stadium Kanjuruhan Gajayana. Arema is the derby of Persema Malang. In the 2010-11 season, at the launching event was using the name of Arema FC, but two days later returned to the name of Arema Indonesia.

Since attendance at football in the national, Arema has become an icon of the citizens of Malang (Malang, Malang, Batu) and its surroundings. As the embodiment of the symbol Arema, almost in every corner of the city to the small alleys and a statue of a lion. Their supporters group called Aremania and Aremanita (for the support of women).

Arema in Galatama
At the beginning of the participation in the Competition Galatama, guerrilla find players one month before the official Arema didirikan.Pemain-players like Maryanto (Persema), Jonathan (Satria Malang), Kusnadi Kamaludin (Armada), Haris Mahdi (Arseto), Jamrawi and John Geohera (Mitra Surabaya), until Dony Latuperisa goalkeeper who was then serving a suspension PSSI because of the bribery case, were recruited. Sinyo Aliandoe-quality coach, also joined. However, there are still obstacles that involves the players mess. Luckily, Lanud Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport willing to help and provide the Air Force barracks Paskhas soldiers to shelter players. In addition to the barracks, field pagas Abd Saleh, also used as a place to practice. Practical Maryanto et al in barracks. "Air Force provide a great share in Arema. There were also some constraints, namely the issue of funding the main -Problem who would continue to convolute Arema. On his return from Jakarta, acub zaenal agreed to be a donor. Achievement club Arema arguably such as tides, although never inhabit the bottom of the standings, almost every season Arema Galatama F.C. never constant in the range top of the standings, however, in 1992 managed to become champions Arema Galatama. With a capital of powerful players such as Aji Santoso, Mecky Tata, Singgih Pitono, Jamrawi and former coach PSSI M Basri, was able to realize the dream Arema Malang city community to become champion of the elite competition in Indonesia.

Arema in Ligina
Since follow Liga Indonesia, Arema F.C. recorded already 7 times entered the second round. Once the round of 12 large (1996/97) and six times the entry 8 large (1999/00, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, & 2007). Although achieving passable, but Arema never be separated from the problem of funding. Almost every season is always haunt funding problem so no wonder almost every season the club's management is always changing. In 2003, Arema experiencing severe financial difficulties that affect the achievement of the team. It then makes Arema FC acquired ownership by PT Bentoel Internasional Tbk in mid-season 2003 despite eventually Arema relegated to Division I. Since Arema ownership held by PT Bentoel Internasional Tbk, Arema achievement is increasing; Division I champion in 2004, 2005 and 2006 champion of the Copa Indonesia 2007 Soeratin LRN Cup U-18. In 2006 and 2007 Arema and Benny Dollo get an award from Tabloid Ball as the best team and the best coach.

Arema ISL
Indonesian Super League 1 2008-2009 Arema all were in 10th place. Two months after the competition ended precisely August 3, 2009 at the Hotel Santika Malang club owner Arema, PT Bentoel Investama Tbk release Arema to a group of people concerned against Arema (consortium). [4] The release of Arema is the impact of the sale of the majority of PT Bentoel Investama Tbk. to British American Tobacco. Previously there discourse to combine with Persema Arema Malang become one, but rejected by Aremania. Arema in season 2009-10 ditukangi by Robert Rene Alberts won the Indonesian Super League champion and runner-up Indonesia Cup.

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